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December 19, 2018

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Updated November 26, 2002...

It has been a long time since I last sat down and updated this site... but a kind prod from Kevin has forced me back into the computer desk seat! Life is more than a little hectic nowadays with a 7 month old and a VERY active 2 year old.

Jack is an absolute delight. He spent the first couple of months just sleeping and eating... but soon started to show an intense interest in the world. He is already crawling and loves to move around at full pelt exploring everything! Meanwhile, Alys recently had her two year checks... she is the height of an average three year old!... and she has the language skills of a three year old as well! Cool! I guess that we must be doing something right!

My parents came to visit this summer, and to meet their new grandson. It was lovely having them here... and now Alys often asks if she can go and see her gran and pops. We miss the trips to the beach and the quiet moments while gran was reading a book to Alys in her room! My parents also took the opportunity to renew their wedding vows whilst they were here, which was truly marvellous.

Then, we took our first holiday as a family of four in October and headed over to the UK to introduce Jack to the rest of the family. The trip began with a sojourn to Wales, where we celebrated Grandam's 90th birthday... then it was up north to visit the wadding clan... followed by a few days down south to visit Sarah and Kevin in London and Sian in High Wycombe. That part of the trip also included a visit to the London Zoo and a day out at Legoland... which Alys LOVED!

I am already putting together some pictures for the website... which should be ready in a couple of days... check out the link on the home page. Be warned, we didn't take the camera anywhere where it might get in the way.. so there are no pictures of the London leg, or the trip to legoland... Sorry!

Well, I'm sure that there are some diapers to change and some clothes to wash and some toys to pick up and some food to puree and some sick to mop up... you get the picture... so I'll keep it short.

Updated May 17, 2002...

Just a quick note to say hello... we have no time for updates right now, although I have managed to upload some photos of the new addition.... take a look at his page! I will update with more when I have some time (maybe when they go to college!

Updated March 5, 2002...

8 months pregnant, being kicked to all buggery by a fetal acrobat and my memory has disappeared and my memory has disappeared and I can't remember a damn thing.

We have just had some of our plumbing mended (oh thrill) so we can now use our own bathroom. Hooray.

Alys is talking more and is using consonants at the end of words. ""
The cat say's "meowwww", the sheep say's "baaa" mummy say's "No".
She is counting, reciting the alphabet, knows how to describe facial features and is really getting into the Maria Carey high pitched scream thing.
Mummy is very tired.
Can't wait to look after two!!

My wonderful husband bought me a cam-corder for Christmas and we now have lots of little video snippets of our daughter. How sad are we???

The winter weather has been crappy, very similar to a Teesside February! Still it's March now and therefore it must improve. Actualy, Christmas day was freakily hot. We went down to Elbow beach with all the AX PATS and found ourselves conspicuoulsy overdressed! there were people swimming an sunbathing whilst knocking back bucks fizz whilst we were sweating away in jumpers and jeans chasing a dungareed Alys.

We may be going to the UK in October of this year. Doing the usual: Wales/London/the North.

Ermm, that's it for now more to follow in about 4 months.........

Updated December 10, 2001...

Well, have been back from globe trotting for about a month now. Can't eat Chinese food anymore - what's the point! Had the best curry of my life at the Apollo Banana Leaf in Singapore.
Work continues (and I am actually enjoying it). Alys is a joy. Christmas is coming....

Updated November 5th, 2001...

The trip to England was tremendous, especially the part where I finally got to tell my family about the impending arrival of another little one. I gave my mother a belated birthday gift, which was an ultrasound picture in a frame. It took her a couple of seconds to realise that it wasn't a picture of Alys. They were all pretty surprised, although my mum and sister-in-law, Jane had discussed the possibility before.

It was a lovely trip to the UK. The journey was hard work with little Alys, although I have to say that she was very well behaved. I did very little, just some christmas shopping for my family and for Ross. We also went to watch Middlesbrough play rugby, and out for a couple of meals. I have to say that it was nice to be able to go places with Alys without worrying about her disturbing other people's evenings. Here in Bermuda, there really isn't anywhere you can go with a young child and have something to eat. Well, there is KFC, but how much chicken can you eat!! - (Ross' note ALOT)

Alys loved playing with Owen, and she also enjoyed our trip to the Hutton Rudby mother and toddler play group. I think that enrolling in some sort of playgroup here has to be a priority, because she loves being with other children.

As for the pregnancy, everything is going well so far. I am now about 19 weeks pregnant (just about half way through). There isn't as much morning sickness as there was with Alys (Thank Goodness!) although I do get sick from time to time. My next doctor's apointment is on Thursday, when they will probably set up an ultrasound so we can check out out little one again.

Ross is in the Far East this week on business. He is in Hong Kong at the moment, and will go to Singapore next! Lucky sod! AFter that, it will be a quick trip to London before heading home. I guess it is my turn to be home alone....!


Updated October 19, 2001...

Ok so the word is out... Alys is going to get a sibling - Yeah!!

Due date for the next Webber is April 1, 2002. I genuinely hope that, like Alys, the next weblet ignores the due date. I can't be dealing with all the April fool jokes.

Mother and Alys are both doing fine and are in England freezing up North.

Stay tuned, more to come...

October 2, 2001...
Well, Alys' talking skills are certainly coming along... "Dada", "bahpoo" (this is actually Bagpuss), "anghoo" (thank you - of course!) and "ow" (this is "out" which she uses as her instruction to be removed from her high chair and the car seat. The staples of "hi" and "bye" she has had mastered for some time and are accompanied with a wave of both greeting and farewell. Another impressive piece of communication is the raising of her index fiure representing the number 1 when asked her age.

"Anghoo" and "bahpoo" may well be phrases or names that Ross may hear soon. He takes his first business trip with his new job in November and is heading off to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Now that we have a new barbeque the weather is starting to deteriorate. Typical!

That's it for now...see below for an earlier update I wrote...

September 24, 2001...
Can you believe it? Today is Alys' first birthday!!! How time flies!!! It has been a long time since I updated the newsletter on this site, so I am sure that anybody who was checking in from time to time has now completely given in on me! But just in case there are people out there... here goes....

Yesterday, we went out to brunch at La Coquille. It was an early birthday party for Alys. We like their brunch, because it is a breakfast brunch which is a little different... with eggs and bacon thing.... Bermudian codfish and potatoes... cereal fruit... muffins and croissants... omelettes... You get the picture. We invited Ross' parents and his sister, Rachel and her family. It was nice to get out and do something different. Alys was a little excited... she kept on screaming in delight... thank goodness that we were surrounded by parents and other children.

I am planning another trip to England in October with Alys... to see my parents. Unfortunately, Ross won't be able to come this time. We will be spending a couple of weeks in Hutton Rudby/Middlesbrough. I have been warned that the weather is already getting cold, so Alys and I have been investing in some warm clothes. Things are still pretty hot here in Bermuda!

Ross is about a month into his new job. He is working at Conyers Dill & Pearman, which is the world's largest offshore law firm. He seems to be enjoying it, however, he is really busy. There is a lot to be done. The firm is about to open a Singapore office.

Alys would like to say a few words.....

lereurewsswwwddt jm ,yuguguyitidtofyojhb mjjjbn mjsdsjhjwehjfgsdasawyiyuhjhgfdffsdi...Dada.

Well, I had better go... it is nearly time for birthday cake!!!


For pictures of our last trip to the UK please click here:
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